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Plan Medicare-Medicaid

Cal MediConnect is a program to serve people that are eligible for both Medicare and Medi-Cal. Cal MediConnect is an all-in-one health plan that covers medical, prescription drugs (medicines) and long-term services and supports.

With Cal MediConnect, Health Net can help you:

  • Get the most from your Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits.
  • Take advantage of everything available to you.
  • Access all the benefits you need and deserve.

Long-term services and supports (LTSS)

If you have a serious health condition, these services can help you stay in your home or in a care center close to home. This gives many people the chance for a better quality of life. These services include In Home Support Services (IHSS). If you currently receive IHSS today, the way you access these benefits will not change.

Important benefits

Also available are some important services you may not be getting right now. These include:

  • Vision care

We're here to help you

  • You still have the power to make decisions about your health care.
  • A health care advisor can guide you if you need help.
  • You'll get better access to your Medicare and Medi-Cal services.

Health care advisor

You have access to a health care advisor. This person helps you keep track of all your doctors and services. Their main goal is to make sure you get the care you need.

We make it easy to get the care you need

With Cal MediConnect, you get:

  • One member ID card
  • One phone number to call
  • One health insurance plan to help guide you to the care you need,,,